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Welcome to Roncalli High School Athletics

A letter from the Director of Athletics

I hope this message finds all of you enjoying the summer with family and friends. After moratorium week, our student-athletes will be storming back to campus preparing for the 2017-18 school year. With that will come much blood, sweat, and tears.

Blood: How many of our student-athletes will actually lose some blood as they prepare for upcoming seasons? No one can answer that question. However, it will happen, and will happen often. We will have student-athletes giving up their bodies all for a chance to impress their coaches and teammates.

Sweat: Without a doubt, sweat will be pouring from our Rebels working to get bigger, faster and stronger. Again, most of these student-athletes are willing to give everything they have to impress their coaches and teammates.

Tears: Without question, tears will fall from our student-athletes. We will see tears of joy for making a team. We will see tears of triumph for reaching a goal. We will see tears of pain from injury. And we will see tears of heartache from those who may not have made a team, or reached their goals.

Blood, sweat, and tears. Our goal in the Athletic Department is to challenge our student-athletes to become the best version God wants them to be. And through these challenging and unforgiving times, we will see growth and development. Our student-athletes will become better leaders, teammates, sons and daughters, friends, and classmates. We have a lot of positives taking place in RHS Athletics. However, we are destined for continued improvement, change and accountability. Please pray for our student-athletes, their families, our coaches and staff, as we move towards another school year – a school year that, without a doubt, will be filled with blood, sweat, and tears.

Go Rebels!

David Lauck
Director of Athletics

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