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Boys Bowling Schedule

Varsity Bowling (Boys) Schedules
Date Time Opponent Status Home Result
10-26-17  4:30 pm  Franklin Community  (at Strike Force Lanes) Active  AWAY  LOSS 
11-01-17  4:30 pm  Franklin Central (at Expo Bowl) Active  AWAY  LOSS 
11-06-17  4:30 pm  Lutheran at Hi-Way   Active  AWAY  WIN 
11-09-17  4:30 pm  Southport  (at Strike Force) Active  AWAY  LOSS 
11-15-17  4:30 pm  Greenwood  (at Position Round at Expo) Active  AWAY  WIN 
11-20-17  4:30 pm  Shelbyville (at Blue River Lanes) Active  AWAY  LOSS 
11-29-17  4:30 pm  Greenwood High School (at Expo Bowl) Active  AWAY  WIN 
12-07-17  4:30 pm  Perry Meridian at Strike Force  Active  AWAY  LOSS 
12-14-17  4:30 pm  Greenwood Christian (at Southern Bowl) Active  AWAY  LOSS 
12-18-17  4:30 pm  New Palestine (at Position Round at Hi-Way) Active  AWAY  LOSS 
01-13-18  9:00 am  Sectionals (at Expo Bowl) Active  AWAY  11th place 

Today's Events

General (2)

  • Senior Retreat
    Time: All Day
  • Lunch Asian Bar
    Time: All Day
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Athletics (2)

  • (V) Swimming and Diving (Boys) - Brebeuf Jesuit (HOME)
    Time: 5:00 pm
  • (V) Swimming and Diving (Girls) - Brebeuf Jesuit (HOME)
    Time: 5:00 pm
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Service (6)

  • OLG Extended Care
    Time: 3:30 pm
  • Making Memories Daycare and Preschool
    Time: 3:15 pm
  • St. Jude Aftercare Program
    Time: 3:15 pm
  • St. Barnabas Aftercare
    Time: 3:30 pm
  • St. Barnabas Aftercare
    Time: 3:30 pm
  • HOPE - Joy's House
    Time: 3:30 pm
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Co-curriculars (3)

  • Rebel Buddies
    Time: 3:15 pm
  • Four Paws Club
    Time: 3:05 pm
  • Rebel Buddies
    Time: 3:10 pm
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Fine Arts (0)

No events were found.

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