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Service Hours Requirements for 2016-2017

Freshmen – 12 hours each semester/4 hours of HOPE
Sophomores – 16 hours each semester/6 hours of HOPE
Juniors – 20 hours each semester/7 hours of HOPE
Seniors – 26 hours each semester/9 hours of HOPE

Students (with the exception of incoming freshmen) can count a percentage of service hours from summer (to be applied to first semester).  All students, including freshmen, can count hours done over Christmas Break, to be applied to their second semester hours.  Students may count the following hours from over breaks:  Frosh – 4 hrs/Soph – 5/Jun – 6/Sen – 8)

The following criteria must be met for hours to be accepted:

  1. Any project must be performed through a:  a) non-profit agency;  b) a Roncalli sponsored service event; or c) a church sponsored service event.  If a project does not clearly fall under one of these three categories, then a student must clear the project with Mr. Striby.  Failure to do so could result in the hours not being counted.
  2. Students must perform a portion of their semester hours through hours of HOPE (Handicapped or Poverty Elderly)– this involves service DIRECTLY in contact with the handicapped, those in poverty or the elderly.
  3. A service card must be filled out completely and returned to Mr. Striby within 10 days of the service experience. (Summer Break/Christmas Break hours must be turned in within 10 days after school resumes.)  Cards can be returned in the black plastic folders hanging on Mr. Striby’s office door (cafeteria), or outside Room 221.  If a student turns in a card after the 10 day requirement, those hours will not be counted toward their semester total.
  4. Time for transportation to and from an activity does not count for service.  Only the time spent doing actual service should be put on the service card.  Please round the time to the nearest half-hour.
  5. Each different service experience should be put on a different card, even if done more than once.  A student cannot put multiple dates on one card for any event.  Each time one does service, a different card is needed. 
  6. Students must turn in at least half of their semester hours by the end of the 1st/3rd quarter, by the due date given on the back of this handout.  
  7. Students must make contact with the person in charge of the service event prior to participating in the project.  Do not just show up for the event.
  8. Each student’s hours must involve a minimum of three different service experiences each semester.  (This does not mean doing the same service project three different times.  For instance, going to the Lord’s Pantry three times counts for only one experience)
  9. Students are expected to be honest on their service cards and service record at all times.  Any student found to be dishonest will be contacted by Mr. Striby, will lose ALL hours connected to the service, AND will be subject to disciplinary action in the Dean’s office.

Religion teachers will be responsible only for distributing new cards to students.  They are not responsible for determining whether or not a given project can count toward service hours.  Only Mr. Striby is responsible for that decision.  All questions regarding service hours should be addressed to Mr. Striby.  He can be contacted at school by calling 787-8277, or through his email address:

To access Service Calendar:                                     

Go to the Roncalli Home Page (         
Click on the “Filter Calendar” tab                                 
Click on “view” next to Service                                            
Click on the project that interests you                           
Contact the person in charge to sign up

To access your Service Record:

Go to the Roncalli Home Page (
Click on the “Campus Ministry” tab
Click on the “Service Hours Login” tab
Type in your student ID # and your student PIN #

Service Card Deadlines:

First Quarter:  Wednesday September 21, 2016
Second Quarter:  Monday December 5, 2016
Third Quarter:  Monday February 27, 2017
Fourth Quarter:  Monday May 15, 2017

The following examples DO NOT count toward service hours:

***singing/serving/lectoring at Mass OR adoration/rosaries/group prayer, etc
***doing any manual labor for a neighbor or any other family, even if not paid
***doing service for ANY member of your family (including aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc)
***doing service for a “for-profit” agency – any agency that exist to make a profit
***doing service during the school day (7:30-3:00)
***babysitting for an individual – even if not paid
***scrimmaging in any sport with an RHS team (or any other team) – coaching…yes, scrimmaging….no
***manual labor for an RHS team while acting as the team’s manager


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