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Spring Band Concert on May 14, 2016

Spring Band Concert


Band Director - Kathy Peach

Kathy Peach

Kathy Peach is in her 39th year as a Band director and has spent the last 26 years as Director of Bands at Roncalli. A graduate of Columbus North High School and Butler University, Kathy has also taught in the Indianapolis Public Schools, Eastern Hancock Junior-Senior High School and at Scecina Memorial High School. In 1989, she received an appointment to start an instrumental music education program at Sam Sharpe Teachers College just outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. As a result of that year in Jamaica, the Roncalli Band now travels every other year to Montego Bay, performing in concerts and bringing school supplies, instruments, music, clothing and other donations to students at two elementary schools, seven high schools, and the Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club.

In 1994, Kathy was honored as the person who most influenced Academic All-Star, Valedictorian, and Roncalli Band member Kevin Finn. In 1996, Kathy was the Roncalli Teacher of the Year and a semi-finalist for the State Teacher of the Year. In 1997, she earned the Prelude Awards Teacher of the Year Award.

Kathy’s goal as a teacher is “to motivate my students to achieve great things, to inspire them to be good citizens of the world, to create an environment where faith is present each and every day, to show my students that prayer is powerful, and to instill in each student a great love and appreciation for music that will last throughout their lives and that will carry on through their children.”



Laura Horcher - South Deanery Band Director

Laura Horcher is in her third year of teaching at Roncalli High School. A born and raised southsider, Laura is a St. Barnabas School graduate. She is an active parishioner at St. Barnabas and participates in their music ministry.

Laura teaches 5th-8th grade band at Central Catholic, St. Barnabas, St. Jude, St. Mark, SS. Francis & Clare and St. Roch. In addition to her South Deanery responsibilities, Laura teaches a Beginning Women’s Choir class at Roncalli. She also serves as an assistant to the Band and Choral programs.

A Roncalli alumnus (2010), Laura was a 4 year band member (French Horn) and sang in both the Beginning Mixed Chorus and Show Choir. After graduating from RHS, Laura studied Music Education at the University of Dayton where she graduated cum laude in 2014.

Laura believes in spreading music through creativity and compassion and tries to do that daily in all she does.



Joel Humberd - South Deanery Band Director

Joel graduated from Red Lion Area Senior High School in 2003 where he was heavily involved in the instrumental music program. He played oboe in the Symphonic and Concert Bands as well as the Orchestra. He played tenor saxophone in the Jazz and Marching Band where he was also Drum Major. Joel studied Music Education at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s of Music in Education. He began teaching general music at Central Catholic School in 2009. This is his second year on the staff at Roncalli High School as one of the middle school band directors. Joel is married to Emily, and they have two children: Ben who is four and Autumn who just turned two. They live in Fountain Square on the south side of downtown.



Marching Band

Marching Band

Row 1: Sam Hansen, Yan Yan, Katie Goebel, Catie Wallace, Theresa Bridge, Sarah Sims, Story Ellis, Laurell Baker, Michael Runholt, TJ LaMarca, Blake Prather, Grace Whitaker, Savannah Mays, Chloe Owen

Row 2: Henry Schutte, Joseph Schubach, Matt Sims, Adam Wolf, Karissa Svcek, Emily Okerson, Andrew Goebel, Erin Rooney, Alexia Sheets, Patrick Shilson, Ben Moore, Madeline Brown, Drew Gorball, Carolina Whitaker, Kelly Zhang, Austin Schofield, Jeffrey Amodeo

Row 3: Jason Brown, Mackenzie Sullivan, Jake Long, Nick Adams, Cynthia Allstatt, Nicholas Golab, Nate Reeves, Brendan Klaas, Jack Guantajuato, Luke Dow, Noah Servies, Chris McKay, Evan Cloud, Josh Amodeo

Not Pictured: Grace Albertson, Lucas Firkins



Concert Band

2016 Concert Band

Row 1: Catie Wallace, Theresa Bridge, Sarah Sims, Story Ellis, Laurell Baker, Michael Runholt, TJ LaMarca, Blake Prather, Savannah Mays, Grace Whitaker, Katie Goebel, Carolina Whitaker

Row 2: Erin Rooney, Alexia Sheets, Andrew Goebel, Patrick Shilson, Ben Moore, Madeline Brown, Drew Gorball, Chloe Owen

Row 3: Henry Schutte, Sam Hansen, Adam Wolf, Yan Yan, Joseph Schubach, Matt Sims, Emily Okerson, Karissa Svrcek, Cynthia Allstatt, Nicholas Golab, Brendan Klaas, Jack Guantajuato, Nate Reeves

Row 4: Lucas Firkins, Jeffery Amodeo, Luke Dow, Jake Long, Mackenzie Sullivan, Grace Albertson, Noah Servies, Jason Brown, Chris McKay, Nick Adams, Austin Schofield, Evan Cloud, Josh Amodeo

Not Pictured: Kelly Zhang



Jazz Band

2016 Jazz Band

Josh Johnston, Evan Cloud, Jeffrey Amodeo, Erin Rooney, Brendan Klaas, Patrick Shilson, Madeline Brown, Jack Guanajuato, Nick Golab, Henry Schutte, Joseph Schubach, Michael Shirley




2016 Orchestra

Shannon Mitchel, Dianna Perez, Sophia Becerra-Tellez, Jacob Perez, Cassidy Cross, Jimmy Cantwell

Not Pictured: Mia Ebling



Music Theory

Music Theory

Row 1: Sean Smith, Joe Gibson, Alex Ruble, Michael Shirley

Row 2: Andrew Goebel, Lucas Ankney

Row 3: Sam Bramlett, Zach Straumins



Applied Music

2016 Applied Music

Row 1: Tam Ha, Phum Thang, William Bowl

Row 2: Nicholas Parrett, Joshua Swan, Paul Elliott, Patrick Sandler, Connor Cunningham, Wesley Cunningham, Nicholas Dietz

Row 3: Will English, Davis Cunningham, John Harris, Paul Agresta, Alex Kuntz, James Rooney, Michael Frausto



Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Row 1: Kasey O’Connor, Allison Mattingly, Alexia Sheets, Kathleen Ditton, Mary Huck, Allison Lewis, Emily Morris

Row 2: Tommy Hansen, Griffin Beckham, Mateo Gonzalez, Jack Barrett, Andrew Faust, Austin Jones, Kaitlyn Wilson, Tess Myers

Row 3: Nick Meyer, Gabe Buening, Jaylen Koehl, Matt Susemichael, Josh Ford, Heather Lezon, Ethan Newett, Tyler Doerr, Connor Kennedy

Not Pictured: Nolan Hoffman, Haley Shipp

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  • (V) Swimming and Diving (Boys) - Brebeuf Jesuit (HOME)
    Time: 5:00 pm
  • (V) Swimming and Diving (Girls) - Brebeuf Jesuit (HOME)
    Time: 5:00 pm
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  • St. Barnabas Aftercare
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