Executive Board of Directors

  • Jeff Mader R’93 – Chair
  • Shane Matthews – Vice Chair
  • Jason Taulman R’09 – Chair of Finance
  • Molly Miller – Secretary
  • Chuck Weisenbach R’79 – Administrative Officer


  • Paola Alejo
  • Mo Barkley
  • Andy Elsener R’97
  • Reverend Stephen Giannini, Hon’18
  • Reverend Todd Goodson
  • Steve Kritzmire
  • Mark Maloney R’85
  • Joe Matis R’99
  • Julie McGuire
  • Dr. Michael Morelli
  • Maria Romero
  • Carla Russell R’88
  • Melissa Stahley
  • Lori Torres
  • Greg Wagner
  • Reverend Tim Wyciskalla R’06

The Roncalli High School Board of Directors operates under the auspices of the Archbishop Charles Thompson, Archbishop of Indianapolis, to assist in the governance of Roncalli High School. The principal purpose for which the board is formed is to promote and advance the mission of Roncalli High School for the education and instruction of students and to adopt in connection therewith a course of education in Catholic principles and an educational program for high schools as prescribed by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana.

The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers who offer expertise in important aspects of supporting and leading Roncalli. Board members offer innovative advice and dynamic perspectives to the school. The Board may sometimes include individuals outside of the community who have specific expertise that will benefit the school community.

Responsibilities of the Board include: to provide strategic direction and planning, to guide quality improvement, and to assess program effectiveness. It also includes support for development efforts to finance the school and to promote and serve as an active and positive advocate for the school in the community at large.
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Roncalli High School Bylaws Section 5.9

*Please refer to section 5.9, via the bylaws link, regarding meeting structure and addressing the Board of Directors.

The Board does much of its work to support the school in committees. The standing committees of the Board include:

  • Executive
  • Advancement
  • Facility
  • Finance
  • Nominating
  • Policy and Planning