Roncalli Graduate Profile

As Christ has called upon each of us to “go make disciples of all nations'” and to the extent that our namesake, St. John XXIII (Angelo Cardinal Roncalli) was committed to that task, it is Roncalli High School’s intention to create disciples of Jesus in the image of St. John. It is to this purpose that we aspire for all of our graduates to honor and glorify God by:


Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and evangelizing the message of the Gospel through their actions.


Reaching their fullest potential through a commitment to lifelong learning.


Serving the needs of others with loving and compassionate hearts.


Being devout members of the Church, cultivators of the Roncalli spirit, and responsible citizens.


Recognizing that every person is created in the image and likeness of God, having the utmost respect for life, and embracing a diverse world.