Let Us Pray

by Dr. Joseph D. Hollowell, 2 yrs ago

For the past 15 years, with the adoption of our first master facility plan in 1994, the Roncalli community has been on a quest to fulfill a vision that will ultimately lead to offering a one-of-a-kind facility among Catholic high schools in the State of Indiana.  Along with doubling the size of the campus, nearly $17,000,000 in upgrades, renovations, and new construction have been added since adopting our plan.  It has been an inspiring success story involving hundreds of people on our boards and committees along with thousands of generous benefactors who have given money, time, and services   

Now we are in the final phase of completing this journey.  And I believe we have saved the best  and most exciting part of this transformation for last.  We have envisioned adding a chapel that would be a place of worship fitting as a house of God that would glorify Him and put the Catholic identity of the school front and center to all who visited our grounds.  The current chapel that we are using was originally designed to be simply an office for faculty.  Each day we have Mass it is overflowing with students stretching out into the hallway.  The Let Us Pray Campaign is designed to raise the funds necessary to complete a beautiful new Chapel which will be located directly at the front entrance of the school.

Though it is familiar to many of our readers allow me to give a brief history of our roots.  Our founding began with the opening of Sacred Heart Central in 1914 on the near Southside.  A new school, Chartrand High School, was opened in 1962 at our current location.  In 1966 Sacred Heart was renamed Kennedy Memorial High School.  And then Roncalli was formed as a consolidation of Kennedy and Chartrand in 1969.  To honor all of those who have gone before to give us such a precious legacy of commitment to the faith, commitment to academic excellence, and commitment to community we have decide to name our new chapel the Chapel of the Sacred Heart. 

I have joined the Board of Directors in asking our chaplain Father Jim Wilmoth to serve as the Chairman of this campaign.  It took him about two seconds to say yes.  I cannot say enough about what this man means to so many in the Southside Catholic community.  He has been a sign of God’s grace and a source of God’s love to our students, our families, and countless others for over forty years as a priest.  He absolutely loves working with our students.  At a time in his life when most of his peers have retired he is still going strong and has really embraced the call to spread the message of the needs of our students.  It has been a pleasure to watch him lead us all in this effort.  And he has inspired generosity beyond my wildest dreams.   

The stage is now set for us to complete the transformation of our facility started so long ago.  I ask that, if you have not already been invited to do so, please consider joining us in our efforts to build a house for God that inspires our students to a more fervent life of prayer and worship.  Such a house is also a fitting way to give thanks to God for the way all in the Roncalli Family have been blessed by the gift of Catholic education begun so many years ago at Sacred Heart Central.

Please join us on this journey to say thanks to our God and to acknowledge all of those who have gone before us to lay such a firm foundation.  Let us pray!

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