Aerial View of Roncalli High School
“Forming disciples of Jesus Christ through the intercession of Saint John XXIII.”

(Strategic Plan 2022-25)
Investing In Our Catholic Faith and Our People
Chuck Weisenbach

The late Archbishop Daniel Buechlein, who was a great champion of Catholic schools, brought many ideas and initiatives with him when he assumed the role as shepherd of our archdiocese in 1992. One of those initiatives was the requirement for high schools to craft long range strategic plans. Over the past 20+ years, which has encompassed multiple strategic plans, one would be hard pressed to walk in our school or around our campus to find something that is not a direct result of the strategic planning process. Some of the more notable items include the following:

  • STARS/Resource wing
  • Chapel of the Sacred Heart
  • New, expanded guidance office
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Science labs
  • Stadiums
  • Ascension St. Vincent Gymnasium
  • Classrooms
  • Expanded front lobby and new administrative wing
  • Kitchen expansion

Each strategic plan created during that 20+ year period of time served as a roadmap for our school’s future during that specific period of time. Each plan was approved by our Board of Directors and the archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools and became the foundation for the work done by the board and the school’s leadership team in conjunction with other affiliated groups based on the specifics of the plan.

Saint John XXIII
I am pleased to share with all of the constituents in our Roncalli Family our school’s newest strategic plan, “Investing In Our Catholic Faith and Our People,” which recently approved by our Board of Directors. This new plan is a result of a great deal of hard work that started in August, 2021, and included input and participation from current students and parents, faculty, staff, South Deanery pastors, principals, alumni and benefactors. A special thank you to all of the volunteers on the Planning and Policy committee of our board and to the faculty/staff members who participated in the strategic plan work day held this past fall. Each of these groups played a critical role in the plan’s creation through a significant contribution of their time, talent and wisdom.

As noted by the list of items shared earlier in this document, all previous strategic plans had a significant focus on capital projects, mostly due to the school’s dire need and/or expressed desire for these items over the last 20+ years. The result is Roncalli High School is home to the one of the most beautiful, comprehensive campuses of any faith-based high school in the state of Indiana. We have much to be proud of and thankful for in terms of our campus and facilities.
Pope Statue

Roncalli High School still has needs in the way of capital projects that will merit our attention in the coming years. However, there was a strong, consistent, passionate voice throughout this strategic planning process challenging our school and community to invest in its people, our Catholic faith and the long term viability of our beloved school. In this spirit, I am very proud to present to all in the Roncalli Family our newest Strategic Plan , which will guide us over the next three to four years.

“Investing In Our Catholic Faith and Our People” builds on our school’s 108 years of Catholic education dating back to the founding of Sacred Heart High School in 1914. This inspiring, mission driven roadmap allows us to expand on our well deserved reputation for excellence in all facets of student life, remain true to our Catholic faith and institutional soul and continue to boldly pursue our vision of “Forming Disciples of Jesus Christ through the intercession of St. John XXIII.”

I welcome any and all feedback related to our Strategic Plan, now and into the future. I humbly ask that you please join me in praying daily for the Lord to bless Roncalli High School and all efforts made in the coming years to make this plan a reality!

God bless you! God bless Roncalli and St. John XXIII, pray for us!

Chuck Weisenbach (’79)

Strategic Plan Graphic
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