Roncalli Guidance Department

The Guidance Department is are here to serve the needs of our students and families in a variety of areas including academic assistance, support, and counseling; social/emotional support via individual meetings, small groups, and referrals to outside agencies; and assistance in post-secondary planning for opportunities such as college, career, military enlistment, and vocations. To learn more about the services offered by the Guidance Department, check out the Services Provided sheet. To keep up-to-date on events hosted by the Roncalli Guidance Department, scholarship deadlines, testing dates, opportunities for involvement, college and job application information, and more check out the Roncalli Guidance Department Calendar, follow us on Twitter @RHSguide, and view the Roncalli Guidance Blast.

We are here to help you make your time at Roncalli a memorable, exciting, and transformative one! We have many tips that will help you be successful in high school and make it a wonderful experience. Review the tips below and check out the page for your grade level for more tips and information on what to expect each year of high school.

  • Take challenging courses and be sure to study and/or ask for help when needed! Remember that your grades from each year impact your future planning opportunities (college, career, military, apprenticeship, etc.), so put forth your best effort each year and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.
  • Get involved! Volunteer with a Roncalli group, be an active club member, join a team or serve as a team manager – pursue something you are passionate about or try something new! Not only will this help make your high school experience a more memorable one, but is a great addition to your resume and college applications as well!
  • Consider getting involved with an organization, company, group, or individual related to your career interest area(s). This can help give you a better idea of whether or not a particular career is a good fit for you and may introduce you to other opportunities of interest that you were not yet aware of.
  • Read the weekly email from the Roncalli Counseling Department for news on scholarships, enrichment opportunities, future planning, career opportunities, study tips, and much more!
  • Keep your resume updated in Naviance. Track activities, service, leadership, employment and awards under the ‘about me’ tab. For more information for how to navigate the program and the different ways we use Naviance, please visit the Naviance tab of the website.
  • For addition tips on how to be successful in high school, including study tips, check out the following websites: