Tips for Junior Year

  • REMEMBER! Your junior year grades are the last grades that are added to your transcript before it is sent to colleges, jobs, etc. for consideration so take challenging classes your junior year, and do your best!
  • Attend a college fair or RHS career event
  • Attend the NCAA presentation at RHS if interested in college athletics.
  • Sign up for a College Visit or Job Shadow. You can be excused for two college visits OR job shadows day during your senior year. Print, fill out, and turn in the appropriate form to Mrs. Avery in the front office by 2 PM the day before your visit: Campus Visit Form, Formulario de Instrucciones para visitas Universitarias, or Job Shadow Form. Job Shadow Form – Spanish.
  • Consider attending a College Fair
  • Use My College QuickStart on CollegeBoard to review PSAT results and strengthen skills.
  • Prepare for the SAT/ACT. Use Khan Academy, Methodize Test Prep, and study hard in  your classes that you’re taking now!
  • Future Planning Night for Juniors and their Parents/Guardians is held each fall and includes information on preparing for and taking the SAT/ACT, taking college visits and/or job shadows, paying for college, college athletics, and much more!

Junior Year at a Glance

  • August: Attend Evening with the College Reps.
  • September-November: Sign up for college rep visits on Scoir.  You can attend unlimited college rep visits!
  • October: Take the PSAT exam.
    • The junior year PSAT is what determines National Merit Qualifiers so study and do your best!
  • November: Attend the Roncalli Career Fair.
  • December – Take the Practice ACT at Roncalli.
  • December-January: Register for and take the ACT at RHS in February.
  • January-March: Register for classes for your senior year. Be sure you meet the prerequisites.
    • 11th Grade Scheduling Appointments are held in the second semester before spring break. Students meet one-on-one with their School Counselor to discuss their current plans for after high school, review their transcript, and discuss classes for the following school year.
    • The 2024-2025 Course Catalog (updated 5/10/24) features a list of all courses offered at Roncalli, descriptions of each course, information about graduation requirements, and more! If you are looking for ideas for which electives to take based on your future career interests, please view the Elective Suggestions Based on Careers of Interest document.
  • March – Take the School Day SAT at RHS for free!
  • March-June: Take the SAT/ACT for the second time – retaking whichever one you did better on.
  • March: Attend the Career Event to learn all about careers that do not require a bachelor’s degree.

Other Important Resources for Junior Year