Indiana Choice Scholarship


The Indiana Choice Scholarship program was established in 2011 to provide every Indiana student access to the school that best meets their learning needs. The Choice Scholarship program provides qualified students scholarships to offset tuition costs at a non-public school of their choice.

How to Qualify

There are two components to determining eligibility for a voucher.

Step 1

Families must meet the income requirement of 300% of the federal Free or Reduced-Price School Meals (FRL):

2021-2022 Choice Scholarship Program Income Limits by Household Size
Household Size Household Income
1 $71,484
2 $96,681
3 $121,878
4 $147,075
5 $172,272
6 $197,469
7 $222,666
8 $247,863
9 $273,060
10 $298,257

Step 2

There are different tracks that enable a student to be eligible to participate in the Choice Scholarship Program. The tracks are listed below.

  1. If your child received a Choice Scholarship in a previous school year
  2. If your child received a SGO Scholarship in a previous school year
  3. If your child was enrolled in a public school in Indiana for at least two semesters immediately preceding their enrollment at Roncalli
  4. If your child’s sibling received a Choice Scholarship or a SGO Scholarship in a previous school year
  5. If your child has a disability that requires special education services and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a Service Plan (SP) has been developed.
  6. If your child would be required to attend a specific public school based on his/her residence that has been assigned a “F” grade.

If You Think You Qualify

If you think you qualify under the criteria listed above and meet the income guidelines, please contact Amy Kuntz, at 317-787-8277, ext 278 to begin the application process. She will help you determine potential eligibility and complete the necessary paperwork.

To Apply

To apply for a Choice Scholarship from Roncalli, a family must:

  1. Complete and return to Roncalli the Choice Scholarship Application.
  2. Submit a copy of the first 2 pages of your most recent tax return.

If you have questions regarding completion of these forms, please contact Amy Kuntz, at 317-787-8277, ext 278.