Grade 9 – second semester and Grades 10-12:

1. A student who desires to transfer to RHS is expected to present an unofficial transcript and a copy of his/her health record from the school he/she currently attends. Transfers normally are accepted at the beginning of each semester unless the student recently has moved into the Indianapolis area.

2. A completed application form and the registration fee of $100 must be submitted to be considered for acceptance. A copy of the student’s last standardized test scores, unofficial transcript and a copy of the student’s most recent report card must accompany the application. The student’s official date of application is the date that the completed application, supplemental materials and the application fee are received. If the student is not accepted the registration fee will be refunded.

3. Students transferring to Roncalli are required to complete an interview for enrollment with a school official prior to acceptance.

4. Students will select their academic courses during a conference with a guidance counselor, principal or the assistant principal during a time arranged with the school.

5. All financial and other obligations to the student’s previous school must be completed prior to enrollment at Roncalli High School.

6. Students transferring from another Catholic school within the Archdiocese must notify the principal of his/her present school before any transfer will be considered. The principal need not be notified if the student is moving from the present school’s enrollment boundaries.

7. Parents/guardians and the student will be notified by RHS whether admission is granted. The notification of admission or non-admission of transfer students will be completed as quickly as possible following receipt of all application materials and fees. A request for the release of school records will be sent by RHS so all official school records can be forwarded to RHS.

8. A transferring student’s enrollment is not considered final until the above steps are completed.

9. It is the general policy of the school not to accept any student currently on probation with the judicial system and/or who has been expelled from another school within the past six months.

10. The registration fee of $100 is non-refundable unless a student is denied admission.

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