Getting Organized

Usually two or three individuals start talking about their reunion but more assistance is needed so form a committee!

Since there are various components to planning a reunion, tasks should be divided amongst the members and any friends willing to assist. Classes generally have a steering committee of 5-7 members and then others are invited to assist with the details of the planning and execution of the event.

Suggested committees for reunion planning are:

  • Address verification and search
  • Printing/Mailing (includes letters, surveys & Invitations)
  • Event Organizer/Planner
  • Food and Beverage
  • Liturgy
  • Publicity
  • Memory Book/Directory
  • Clean-Up

Contact with Roncalli High School

One alumnus from the committee, usually the chair, should be designated as the contact person with Gary Armbruster, Director of Alumni Relations at Roncalli High School.

Contact with the Alumni Office will greatly help you in your planning process. Please utilize their services wherever needed.

Your Classmates Have To Live Somewhere

Before you send your first mailing, contact the Alumni Office at Roncalli to receive your full class list. This class list has been updated and is the most current information we have.

Some committees have found it helpful to track lost classmates through any sisters, brothers or cousins who may have also attended Sacred Heart, Kennedy, Chartrand or Roncalli. Simply call the Alumni Office and we will help you in your search.

The list that is provided by Roncalli High School should not be distributed or sold to any businesses; it is to be used solely for the purpose of contacting classmates for an exciting, fun-filled reunion.

Once all addresses have been verified you are ready to begin contacting your classmates.

If you find information on some of your lost classmates, please turn this into the alumni office, as it may have an easier time finding your classmates. Specific information to include would be married names and birthdates.

Where Should We Have The Reunion?

The entire reunion committee should discuss various options for the event in developing a survey for the first letter that will be mailed to classmates.

The Roncalli Cafeteria can accommodate up to 360 persons comfortably and is available at no cost to your class. Standard services include room set-up, general lighting needs, parking and clean-up. Special technical support or additional janitorial services are available upon request.

Roncalli Catering must cater the Roncalli Café food service. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the grounds without prior consent from the business manager. Smoking is not permitted in any building on campus. Additional information is attached.

We encourage classes to come back and to walk the halls and reminisce about their high school days.

If you choose to hold your reunion elsewhere, common venues are banquet halls, hotels, and parks. A list of average prices for these area venues is located on the next page.

Area Locations and Pricing

Place Price Cost


Roncalli High School
Aaron Hommell
(317) 787-8277
FREE $11-18/person

Banquet Halls

Primo’s Banquet Hall
Matt Iaria
(317) 788-4140
Sunday-Friday FREE
Saturday $400
The Atrium
Louie Annee
(317) 782-4467
Class Reunions receive 50% off Banquet Hall Fees
Friday $250
Saturday $400

Golf Courses

Valle Vista Golf Course    


German Park Friday & Sunday – $350
Saturday – $600
St. Jude Shelter House Call for Reservations $25  


The Westin, The Omni, The Hyatt

What Is The Cost?

The cost per person at the reunion is dependent on the cost of the package, which includes:

  • food and beverage
  • postage for mailings
  • printing of materials (surveys, invitations, etc.)
  • class gift

Optional costs may include:

  • printing of reunion memory book
  • banquet hall rental
  • entertainment
  • stipend for a priest if a liturgy is planned
  • decorations, although Roncalli Café provides decorations for you
  • memento of the reunion
  • reunion composite photograph
  • complimentary dinner for invited faculty

An average cost is considered $25-$35 per person depending on your package. Keep in mind when you are figuring a budget that you do not want such a costly reunion that many classmates will not attend because of the cost.

A Survey Will Help In The Decision Making

After you have identified your options you may wish to mail a survey to your class. No matter what time of year, you will not have the entire class attend but that should not hinder your efforts. Committees have sent out a survey as to where the class wants to meet and what month might be best.

  • Some other points you might want to survey the class on:
  • Should the event be a lunch, brunch or dinner?
  • Should spouses/significant others/children attend?
  • Should wine and beer be served?
  • Should a liturgy or prayer service be celebrated?
  • Would they like to help in the planning of the reunion?
  • Would they like to plan the reunion liturgy?

This is also a good time to send an update sheet or questionnaire to your classmates to prepare for a reunion memory book/directory (if you decide on one.) It is a good idea to ask your classmates if the committee can print the information that is submitted by each individual.

Give the alumni three weeks to respond to the survey and/or update sheet. After three weeks, use the surveys to proceed with planning.

Shall We Dance?

If you have decided on a banquet hall or Roncalli for a dinner-dance with spouses and friends included, the cost per person will increase to include the services of a band or disc jockey.

Reunion committees have often decided simply to play music from their era from a personal stereo in the background. Some committees have even convinced classmates to perform variety show acts or songs/scenes from musicals from their years of high school.

Another popular attraction at reunions has been a slide presentation of the high school years or to have a display of pictures.

With or without entertainment, one common activity at the reunion will be constant conversation. There is a lot of “catching up” to be done and sometimes committees do not even consider entertainment.

A Small Memento

Depending on the budget and expenses, the committee may decide to distribute a memento of the reunion to classmates attending. Some ideas are a key ring, pen, picture frame or some other inexpensive item that displays the date of the reunion on it.

Printing and Mailings

You will need to have materials printed in large quantities for your letters, surveys, invitations and a memory book. Contact several printers about prices. The best possible solution is to find someone in the class or a spouse who is in the business who can print the materials free or at minimal cost. You may want to include a question on the survey to the classmates seeking printing assistance. Depending on the budget the invitation can be any of the following:

  • Letter with response card
  • Flyer with detachable bottom portion for reply
  • Formal card (like a wedding invitation)

If you are printing a memory book/directory have it done close to the event so that you can allow for late entries.

Many reunions use three mailings for communication. They would include:

  • A survey (if one is decided on)
  • The invitation with reply card
  • A reminder with the specifics of the reunion

Depending on how large your mailing is you may want to correspond with the class only when necessary to keep postage costs down.

Liturgy Planning

Some classes have had a celebration of the Eucharist or a prayer service before their meal. It is an excellent way of involving other classmates. They can be involved in the planning as musicians and/or readers. The committee has the responsibility of contacting a priest for the Mass and should plan the entire liturgy or prayer service.

Arrangements should be made with the Alumni Office for the set-up of the Mass. Depending on the number attending, Mass may be held in the gym. The reunion committee should plan the entire mass. Notify the priest to bring his own vestments.

Some classmates may not wish to attend the liturgy so separate times for the liturgy and meal should be indicated in the invitation. It might be helpful for the committee to include the liturgy in your reply card so that you have the ability to plan for the printing of booklets.

A Class Gift

A class may wish to include a memorial gift to Roncalli High School. During this time of memories of your high school days, we need to remember the current and future students of Roncalli. A class gift is a wonderful way of showing your appreciation for Roncalli High School. Hopefully, you would want everyone to be able to share in your Roncalli experience. A gift from your class would aid in this effort greatly.

There are many areas of need within our school and Roncalli may designate for a specific purpose or for general use of a gift. Some suggestions for specific areas of need at present are:

  • Tuition assistance for students
  • Capital Campaign gift to “Building Faith and Futures”
  • Advancements in our special needs area

You, the reunion committee, should also help encourage everyone to contribute something to the class gift. Any donation to Roncalli will be accepted and greatly appreciated.

The committee may wish to discuss the class gift with the Advancement Office to help them in their determination for designating the gift.

The Day Is Finally Here!

After months of discussion, questions and planning the moment has come. The committee should arrive at least one hour ahead of time to prepare the reception tables with nametags or material that is to be distributed. There is a tremendous amount of work in planning a reunion and you should be congratulated for your efforts of this project. Have fun!