The John Phillip Sousa Award is the pinnacle of achievement for high school band students. Created in 1955, the award honors the top student in a high school band and recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication.

Year Winner
2024 Meg Comer
2023 Ansley Bishop
2022 Sam Morris
2021 Rob McKay
2020 Grace Whitaker
2019 Michael Runholt
2018 Luke Dow
2017 Madeline Brown
2016 Matt McKay
2015 Cameron Papandria
2014 Matthew Steadham
2013 Bryan Rainey
2012 Christian Powers
2011 Laura Horcher
2010 Kate Coveney
2009 Sara Jordan
2008 Michael Flanigan
2007 Matt McKay

2023-2024 Band Awards

Award Winner

Semper Fidelis Award

Colin Denzer

Band Most Improved Woodwind

Xochitl Murillo

Band Most Improved Brass

Sawyer Borders

Band Most Improved Percussion

Evan Wagner

Outstanding Woodwind

Ronnie Malan

Outstanding Brass

Luis Sandoval

Outstanding Percussion

Lucas Oskins

Outstanding Band Aide

Brady McGuire 

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

Meg Comer

Woody Herman Jazz Award

Lachlan Borders

Jazz Most Improved Member

Ronnie Malan

Drum Majors 2024-2025

Scarlett Shell