Service Hours Requirements

To our Roncalli Parents and Students The Community Service Program is committed to continue to aid our students in any way possible to complete their service hours in a safe way, while also continuing to aid those in need.

Service Requirements

Students will be required to perform 18 total hours of service for the first and second semester, with the following adjustments:

  • No HOPE hours’ requirement for the 2021 - 2022 school year
  • Students will be required to get an email verification for each service log. If the adult supervisor of a given service project does not verify hours within seven days, students may edit their service log, using their parent’s email address for verification.
  • Students are also encouraged to attach their geo-location, take a picture while doing service, and get a signature (if this can be done safely). Having additional ways to verify hours is helpful when there is an issue with email verifications.
  • First Semester due dates:
    • Monday, September 27, 2021 - First Quarter hours logged by students
    • Monday, December 6, 2021 - All Service hours logged by students in Mobileserve
    • Monday, December 13, 2021 - Service logs verified by adult supervisors in Mobileserve

As in the past, Roncalli will continue to make known as many service opportunities available in parishes, schools, and other non-profit organizations and will publicize those through the MobileServe app. Students can also continue to seek out their own service opportunities with those organizations, keeping in mind that their safety is of the utmost importance. These opportunities will be available to those families who choose to participate in them, and such participation will continue to count toward service hours. Please remember that community service hours may not count for any service done for immediate family (parents or siblings) nor will they count for any service done at one’s house.

New opportunities - Community Connections

We are excited to offer some new, creative, and achievable opportunities for students. These opportunities strive to meet our goal of encouraging our students to be more connected to their communities. To that end, we encourage all students to seek out opportunities to help those around them in their neighborhoods and in their surrounding communities. The following are examples of community service that will now count for service hours:

  • Assisting neighbors/people in your community that are in need (elderly, infirm, parents of small children,front line workers etc.) with tasks such as lawn work, grocery shopping, babysitting, cleaning, painting, manual labor that is needed.
  • Connecting with those in the community who are isolated during these times. This can include writing letters, visiting or having virtual meetings with shut-ins, residents of nursing homes or military troops, grandparents, or anyone isolated in these times.

While the examples above are a guideline, we are excited to see our students use their own creativity and community connections in seeking out opportunities to serve others, keeping in mind that the goal is to serve those who are most in need.

Summer Hours/Christmas Break Hours

Students who already have the MobileServe app may retroactively count service hours if they have done any service projects this summer. They should enter these projects in the MobileServe app as they have done in the past. For summer hours only, students may use their parent’s emails for verification of hours. Theology Department now accepts all hours from summer to count toward first semester and Christmas Break to count toward second semester.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students

Incoming freshmen and transfer students are asked to keep track of their own service hours from the summer that meet the requirements stated above. Information should include the approximate date, the service provided, and the number of hours. At the start of the semester we will register new students for the Roncalli MobileServe program and help them to register these hours.

As Roncalli has had a decades long tradition of serving it’s community, we will continue to adapt and find ways to help our students engage in serving their communities. We appreciate your patience and flexibility in this process. Any questions can be directed to Roncalli’s Community Service Coordinator, Gerard Striby.