Service Hours Requirements

Please click here to see how we are adjusting our Service Requirements in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

On behalf of the Roncalli High School Campus Ministry Team and the Community Service Program, we are excited to announce new changes and improvements to the service program that will not only provide additional opportunities for Roncalli students to serve others, but will also make the entire process easier for students and for the larger community.

Changes and Improvements include:

New service requirements: 18/8/8...for ALL students at ALL grade levels, there will now be consistency in our service requirements: 18 total hours per semester 8 hours counted from the summer and Christmas breaks 8 HOPE hours. (Direct service to the Handicapped Or Poverty/Elderly)

MobileServe, an app based service tracking program. Through website and app access, we will have a new way to record service hours!!! NO MORE SERVICE CARDS!!! In addition, students will be able to view future opportunities, post pictures of their service, and easily track and verify completion of their hours through the MobileServe app.

Liturgical Ministries will now count for service: Usher/Cantor/Eucharistic Minister/Lector/Server…..all of these will count for one hour of service. We appreciate and recognize a student going above and beyond their obligation to take an active role in the liturgy and how that impacts their faith. We are glad to be able to recognize that in a small way. (Any preparation before the Liturgy will also count for additional service hours, as has been the case in the past)

The ability to complete all hours of service for a given semester through participation in an approved Mission Trip. Beyond the 8 hours that can count from Summer Breaks, we will begin to count the full amount of hours served as a participant in approved Mission Trips. We see the impact that this deep level of service has on our young people and we want to encourage participation in these trips while also helping the students work ahead.

The current requirement for Community Service hours will remain the same: All service hours must come through one of three areas:

  • Not-For-Profit Agencies
  • School Service Projects
  • Projects offered through Churches

Serive hours must be logged and approved by the following dates:

  • First Semester Hours - December 18
  • Third Quarter Hours - March 4
  • Second Semester Hours - May 18

We cannot begin to describe how excited and enthusiastic we are to begin implementing this new program. With your help, we hope to make our Community Service grow in leaps and bounds in the years ahead!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Gerard Striby
Roncalli High School
Community Service Coordinator
317-787-8277 x256