Our Plan for Roncalli’s Future

Started Over 20 Years Ago

While we feel fortunate to have our current facilities, we recognize capital improvements are vital to our community. The school was built in 1962 for 750 students. Today Roncalli educates nearly 1,200 students; yet there are parts of our original facility that have not been expanded.

For over 20 years, we have been working from a master facility plan that began at the urging of Archbishop Emeritus Daniel Buechlein. Through your generosity to date, we have added over 30 classrooms, a fine arts center, a chapel, and a new entrance and administrative wing.

1994 Master Plan
1994 Master Plan

As the following pages show, since 1994 our community has invested in the following facility improvements:

Revised Project Costs

When the On This Rock: Building Faith and Family campaign began in the Spring of 2016, professionally prepared estimates of construction costs were obtained from our architects and construction management firm. As the time draws near for breaking ground on the new gymnasium and other projects, the bids from our contractors have significantly increased. This is a national trend that has resulted from recent hurricanes, wildfires, and the extraordinary demands for construction services combined with a severe labor shortage in the construction trades. The costs for our projects have increased above the $6.5M originally anticipated. We still need your support!

We believe that all of the proposed projects are needed and vital to the growth of our school and community. Thank you in advance for your support of this campaign!

Priority Estimated Cost
New Family Room/Gymnasium $4,500,000
Additional Classroom and Fine Arts Space $1,600,000
Kitchen and Cafeteria Expansion and Gymnasium Renovation $750,000
Fitness Center and Auxiliary Gymnasium Renovation $800,000
Additional Parking and Property Acquisition $500,000
Student Commons $100,000
Increase Facility Maintenance Endowment Funds (per Archdiocesan policy) $700,000
TOTAL $8,950,000

We are counting on the continued support of our community to reach our ambitious, yet attainable, goal. With the help of past and current parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, we can ensure a bright future for all in the Roncalli family.

New Family Room/Gymnasium:


Our family no longer fits in our family room!

As the primary space for our Roncalli family to gather, crowding for school events and athletic competitions continues to be an issue and creates safety concerns. We turn away hundreds from events such as Grandparents’ Day and sold out basketball games. Due to capacity issues, our Roncalli family participation is limited for events such as Rebelation, Circle of Faith Fund Dinner, Senior Mass, Baccalaureate, and Graduation.

We have a Class 4A school enrollment with a Class 2A gymnasium capacity and currently are the only Class 4A school in the state without a second competition gym. More importantly, our current facility presents issues such as late evening practices, overcrowding leading to security and safety issues, and inaccessibility for all people attending events. Our student enrollment exceeds the 1,100 seat capacity in the bleachers. Simply stated, our family no longer fits in our family room.

To meet the needs of a growing student population, Roncalli plans to construct a new, 22,000 square foot multipurpose gymnasium connected to the current gym. The new facility will include seating for 2,164, as well as additional boys and girls locker rooms. It will enhance our physical education programs, allow us to host IHSAA tournament events, and serve as a multipurpose meeting place large enough to accommodate our entire student, faculty, and parent populations. The new facility will also allow for improved access and practice times for our extracurricular activities and provide a safer environment for students, faculty, and guests. The entire Roncalli community along with the parishioners of the South Deanery will benefit from the new facility.

Additional Classroom and Fine Arts Space:


The education of our students remains our top priority. Our 2017 enrollment is 1,177 students. Projections suggest this number will increase in the next two to three years, creating additional strain on our facilities. Best practices in teaching today include maximizing instructional time, meaning students are on task as the bell rings, and best practices also include efficient, effective use of technology as a teaching and learning tool. Both of these best practices are severely hampered when teachers, along with all of their teaching materials, must move from room to room throughout the school day.

With the addition of six classrooms, we can accomplish a long standing strategic plan initiative of providing each full time teacher with his or her own classroom.

Since the opening of the Fine Arts Center, we have seen explosive growth in the size and caliber of our own Fine Arts programs, as well as in those of our South Deanery schools. This has resulted in year round use of the facility and the need for additional storage.

Kitchen and Cafeteria Expansion and Gymnasium Renovation:


The kitchen was designed to prepare and serve food for 750 people. At present, we are serving nearly 300 students, teachers and staff every 22 minutes during lunch periods. Given the current cafeteria and kitchen space, our kitchen staff is struggling to accommodate our current enrollment, much less the projected increased enrollment. Expanding the kitchen area and increasing cafeteria seating capacity will allow Roncalli to continue providing nourishing meals to our students and faculty every day. To accomplish this, the athletic offices, currently housed in the cafeteria, will move into the current gym area. To create the office space in the gym, bleachers will be removed from one side of the gym. The current gym will continue to function as a home for athletic competitions, Physical Education classes, and other events.

Fitness Center and Auxiliary Gymnasium Renovation:


Safety and security are always of utmost importance at Roncalli. The new fitness center will have increased security and safety, with an increased opportunity for growth in adding new equipment and programs for all students, faculty, and staff. Constructing a new fitness center will make available much needed space in the auxiliary gym. Batting cages for our baseball and softball teams are just one example of how we will utilize this space.

Additional Parking and Property Acquisition:


Providing safe and sufficient parking for our students, staff, faculty, and visitors is a priority. The need for additional parking will increase with the construction of a new family room/gymnasium. To create additional parking and control traffic flow, we plan to purchase property adjacent to the school and to add a roundabout in the back of the school.

Student Commons:


The student commons area will be a multipurpose room with access to advanced technology that will serve the entire student body. The area will provide a welcoming environment and flexible learning space for students. It will be transformed into an area prime for socialization, large group meetings, as well as for individual and small group work. As an integral part of the student learning experience, the commons area will truly be a student-oriented space for learning, relaxation, and socializing.

Increase Facility Maintenance Endowment Funds:


Income from Roncalli’s endowment is key to ensuring that we fulfill our mission today and into the future. Just as investing in structural additions and renovations is vitally important to our future, it is equally important to invest in their maintenance and upkeep. Bolstering our facility maintenance endowment, per Archdiocesan policy, will provide the income necessary to support the operational expenses of our facilities, such as general maintenance, janitorial essentials, and future repairs and replacements.

Campaign Leadership


  • Dave and Anne Doyle
  • David (Hon‘12) and Anne Wolf
  • Rev. James Wilmoth (Hon‘11)

Honorary Chairs

  • Chick (SHC’65) and Jan (Hon‘10) Lauck
  • Dennis (Hon‘93) and Patti (C‘69) Stephenson

Core Committee

  • Steven and Tessa (R‘80) Asdell
  • John and Tara (R‘88) Morse
  • Bob (R‘84) and Alice Susemichel

Executive Committee

  • Jeffrey and Nicole Amodeo
  • Tom (R‘75) and Joanie (R‘76) Dale
  • Bart and Christie Fox
  • William and Susan Mullen (Hon‘14)
  • Pat (R‘83) and Angie (R‘86) Schubach
  • Keith and Kathy Syberg
  • Tim (R‘85) and Traci Tichenor

Case Statement Task Force

  • Bill Fanelli
  • Joe Kuntz (R‘86)
  • Tara Morse (R‘88)
  • Marianne Whelchel
  • Angela White
  • David Wolf (Hon‘12)

Prayer Committee

  • Archbishop Emeritus Daniel M. Buechlein
  • Bonnie Schott
  • Patti Stephenson
  • Diane Hollowell
  • Dr. Joe Hollowell
  • Renae Schoening
  • Therese Brandon
  • Janie Killion
  • Candice Schott
  • Traci Tichenor
  • Lorianne Meek
  • Amy Allen

Campaign Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

We praise you and we thank you for all the blessings we have received from you for our faith and for the faith of the Roncalli Family. With your blessing we have accomplished much in the last 20 years of our journey – the Sacred Heart Chapel, the Fine Arts Center, over 30 new classrooms, the STARS Resource Center, our Stadium, Track, and Media Center. How good God has been to us.

Now we humbly ask for continued blessings on Roncalli’s growing family – a new Family Room, a Kitchen and Cafeteria expansion for hungry students, and additional Classrooms for excellence in learning.

We borrow our prayer from friends. Dear God, open our ears to hear your word. Open our eyes to see the need around us. Open our minds to know your will. Open our hearts in generosity.

St. John Roncalli we ask for your intercession to plead our case before God and our many friends in Heaven. Amen.

Composed by
Archbishop Emeritus
Daniel M. Buechlein, OSB


Q: Why does Roncalli need a capital campaign?


Roncalli has taken several steps to evaluate the current state of our facilities the past few years. After a thorough assessment and feedback from our community, it has been determined that our current space concerns would be best addressed through a comprehensive capital campaign.

Q: Why do we need a second family room/gymnasium?


Simply, we have outgrown our current family room/gymnasium. A single gymnasium presents problems for our students and scheduling conflicts for our athletic programs. The main gym, which is also used for all-school liturgy and other all-school gatherings, currently seats 1,200 in the bleachers. Our current student enrollment exceeds 1,200 and continues to grow which also does not account for our faculty and staff.

Q: How will this project affect the Annual Fund?


Donors are encouraged to continue their participation in the Annual Fund. The On This Rock: Building Faith and Family campaign will support projects above and beyond the needs addressed through the Annual Fund and the other annual fundraisers.

Q: Have there been other capital campaigns at Roncalli?


Yes. There is a long history of generous philanthropy at Roncalli, which has allowed the school to become the outstanding institution it is today. Most recently, On This Rock (1995-1997) raised $3.3 million, and the Building Faith and Futures (2002-2004) raised $4.1 million.

Q: Who will be asked to participate in the campaign?


All board members, parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, as well as active and supportive friends and past parents, will be asked to invest in this important endeavor for Roncalli.

Q: Why emphasize pledged commitments?


The On This Rock: Building Faith and Family campaign emphasizes pledging because it allows individuals and families the opportunity to consider larger commitments than they could usually consider in making a one-time gift. Experience in past campaigns shows that donors who pledged were able to consider gifts 4-5 times larger than those who made one-time gifts. This is important in a campaign of this magnitude.

Q: Why do we ask people to consider a specific gift?


Sacrificial gifts are needed at every level to support the campaign priorities. We ask for prayerful consideration of a gift at a specific level in order to fund the components of the campaign, raise expectations, and encourage members to make a stretch in their commitment to the school. No judgment is made on the level of gift you or others make. Whatever the amount, we hope that all members will be deliberate, prayerful, and thoughtful in their decided gift.

Q: Why is each donor asked to complete a pledge form?


A donor is asked to complete a pledge form so that the pledge may be appropriately recorded and acknowledged by Roncalli. Donors are reminded of future payments based on the schedule they request.

Q: Why is an initial payment requested? Is it required?


Initial down payments provide Roncalli the necessary cash flow to begin construction in a timely manner. While they are not required, initial payments of at least ten percent are encouraged and appreciated.

Q: How much do we need to have raised prior to starting construction?


The Archdiocese of Indianapolis requires a minimum of 50% of the project cost to be held in cash before we can start new construction.

Q: How can I pay my pledge?


Cash, check, and credit card are all options. You can also offer stock or marketable securities. If you have additional questions on how you can give, please contact the Roncalli Office of Institutional Advancement at 317-788-4098. Payment schedules are flexible.

Q: Are cash commitments the only type of gifts accepted?


No. While cash gifts are the most common, it may be advantageous to the donor to make a gift of stock. For electronic transfer of stock, please contact Terese Carson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement.

Q: To what extent are gifts to On This Rock: Building Faith and Family campaign tax deductible?


Gifts to the campaign are tax deductible as allowed by law. The application of such laws varies with individual financial circumstances. Donors with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their tax advisor.

Q: How will individual financial commitments be collected?


A pledge payment schedule may be set by a donor using a campaign pledge form. Reminders will be issued in keeping with the payment schedule indicated and will include return envelopes. Electronic fund transfers and credit card payments are also accepted.

Q: Can I make a matching gift with my company?


Many corporations endeavor to match the charitable contributions of employees. Please contact your company’s Human Resources professional to determine if your company participates in a Matching Gifts Program.

Q: Can I start paying on my pledge at a later date?


Yes. You determine when you want to begin payment on your pledge and you may structure your payment schedule according to your personal preference.

Q: Is this pledge legally binding?


No. A pledge to the campaign is a good faith expression of your willingness to support this important project. If you need to make revisions to your pledge, please contact the Advancement Office.

Q: I already make an annual gift, may I designate that gift to the campaign?


For more information, please contact Terese Carson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. She is available to answer your questions.

Q: In addition to my gift, what else can I do to help the campaign?


Volunteers are needed to bring the message of the campaign to fellow Roncalli members and to ask for their participation and support. If you are interested in such a role, please contact the Advancement Office.

*For additional questions please contact Terese Carson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at 317-788-4098.

Have Questions?

For more information, please contact Terese Carson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. She is available to answer your questions.

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