Honor Roll

Angie Adams
Julie & Rusty Albertson
Michele, Megan 11', Jessi 14' & Jake 18' Allard
Chris and Marianne Alspach '84
Carrie Anderson
Dennis Anderson
Katie Anderson
Sally Anderson
Royce Antolin '89
Thelma Antolin '83
Darla Armbruster
Gary Armbruster '81
Joan Armbruster
Laura Armbruster
Tessa Asdell '80
Jennifer Avery
Lisa Babb '90
Angela Bagnoli '72
Jack Baker
Pete Baker
Alison Barnett
CAROL Beaupre
Karen Beckham '79
David & Lisa Beckwith '01
Mark and Caitlin Bedwell '06
Julie Biasi
Erin Bohn '94
Mark Boillotat
Erin Bolin '04
Cheri Brewster
Mark & Estelle Britner '86
Rachel Brown
Sean and Jen Brown '88
Beau Browning '08
Gina Buchanan '79
Molly Burns '86
Nicholas Caldwell '96
Kevin & Susan Callon '84
Michelle Carson
Terese Carson
Sue and Louis Carter
Cecilia Click '03
Kelly Cloud '88
Tami Clouse
Ali & DJ Coffey '08
Delaney Collier '13
Patrick & Dawn Collier
Tim Corbett '85
Steve Crihfield '88
Pat Crosley '87
Michael & Nancy Curd '88
Gregory Daeger '78
Marty and Fran Davey '82
Terrence Delaney '07
Rick and Jane Dias '86
Valerie Ditman
John and Heidi Dowell
Samantha Dowell '15
Betsy Doyle
Victoria Emery
Ryan & Laura English '02
John Erickson
Maria Erickson '86
William Fanelli
James Feltz '82
Marcia Ferry
Ethan Fetsko '09
Evan Fetsko '14
Lauren Fetsko '07
Ken Fikes
Kelley Fisher
Shelly Fitzgerald '91
Denny & Joan Fitzpatrick
Bart Fox
Teresa Fries
Susan Furgeson
Joe and Karen Gallagher '60
Robert Gramman
Jim Griffin '72
Darla Griffiths
Judy Grimes
Megan Guthrie '98
Nancy Haas-Coffman
Pat & Julie Hahn
MIke Harris '00
Robert Hasty
Danny Hayes '88
Kevin Hayes '80
Tina Hayes
Kathy Heath
Augie & Katie Hibner '10
Barb Himes
Steve & Susan Hines
Aaron and Jenny Hollowell
Cynthia Hollowell
Joe Hollowell
Laura Hollowell '12
Paula Huddleston
Robert Hurley '76
Juli Kahoun
Allison Kelly '13
Larry & Janie Killion '66
Todd Kincaid
Jen Kocher
Greg and Jane Kyle
Chris and Donna LaFollette
Brian Lauck '95
Christine Lauck '79
David & Kara Lauck '94
Judd & Wendy Lawrie '88
Erika Layer '09
Evan Layer '11
Toni Layer '76
Mike and Miki Lewinski
Patty Liegibel '85
Mark & Mary Long
Marty & Kathleen Lynch '79
Matt Mariutto '81
Kory Marks
Mark McGuire
Mark and Mary Barbara Miller
Phil Milroy
Rachel Mitchel
Scott Monteith
Janelle Morgan
Marty and Peggy Murphy '82
Jim Naumovich
Nelson & Amy Nettles '92
Curtis Nguyen
JoAnn Nolting
Mike and Kelly O'Brien
BJ O'Connor '91
Brook Ochoa
Stephanie Okerson
Jim & Sophia '81 Otley
Charisse Phillips
Ann Pliler '98
Kerry and Cindy Prather
Kathy Ramsay '95
Julie Reed '86
Beth Reel
Kati Reeves '96
Jennifer Reid
Gary & Chris Reising
Marianne (Schafer) Ries '69
Vinny Romano '88
Allie Ross '04
Paul Rossman
Therese Sahm '10
Robert Saling
Eric Schilling
Peter Schroeder
Patrick Schubach '83
Tim Schubach '77
Janice Schwartz
Ken & Ellen Shackleford
Paul & Mary Sheets
Jeff Small
Amy Smay '86
Donna Smith
Jim and Ruth Snyder
Julie Sommers
Suzanne Spayd
Molly & Patrick Spearing '90
Valerie Sperka '81
Becky Spitznagel '92
Lawrence Stimson
Betsy Strader
Mark Stratton
Alice and Bob Susemichel '84
Matt & Denise Swingendorf
Dan & Pam Thompson
Timothy Tichenor '85
Rose Timpe '07
Sharon Tolin '73
Angela TONER
Nick '02 and Natalie '02 Torres '02
Jeff Traylor
Bob and Mary Pat Tully
Elizabeth Van Noy
Mark Wallem
Joe Warren
Christina Weaver '85
Chuck Weisenbach '79
Jay Wetzel '00
Liz and Rob Whalen
Carrie Wheeler '86
Marianne Whelchel
Dianne Williams '84
Jean Williams
Laura Williams
Julie Wray '90
Fr. Tim Wyciskalla '06
Angela Younts '85

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What is Give Like a Rebel Day?
Give Like a Rebel Day is a 24-hour online donation drive beginning at 8:00 am on Thursday, May 26 and ending at 8:00 am on Friday, May 27. It’s a day for alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends from all over the world to come together support Roncalli High School.
Why is a Giving Day Different Than Any Other Day?
For 24 hours, we will be talking, tweeting and sharing nonstop about Roncalli! We’re asking Roncalli Rebels near and far to spread the word about the best high school around while supporting this year’s Circle of Faith Fund campaign. We will make you laugh and maybe even make you cry – all in an attempt to make you Give Like a Rebel. In addition to your support of this campaign, there will be special challenges made throughout the day in an effort to raise even more money toward Roncalli’s Circle of Faith fund.
Can Anyone Participate in Giving Day?
Absolutely. Support from everyone in the Roncalli community (alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends) counts on this day.
What is the web address for Give Like a Rebel day?
All information can be found at You can make a gift directly from this page as well as follow along with the activities on campus, track our progress from the campaign and follow the many affinity challenges.
What is the phone number and email if I cannot get to the webpage?
You can contact Roncalli’s Office of Advancement at (317) 787-8277, extension 239 or by email at
Where Does My Gift Go?
Gifts made on Give Like a Rebel Day will be allocated to the Circle of Faith Annual Fund to build two new science labs, completely renovate the PE locker-rooms, expand the One-to-One Initiative, provide funding for teacher training, endowment and tuition assistance.
Will Give Like a Rebel Day Contributions be tax deductible?
Yes! Gifts made during this 24-hour campaign are tax deductible. Donors will receive an email receipt immediately upon making a gift, and a paper receipt will be mailed within one week of the close of the event. Roncalli High School is a 501(c)3 organization.
I have already given this year. Why should I make a gift?
Absolutely! Give Like a Rebel Day is a great way to show your loyalty to Roncalli while motivating others to give. If you have already given this year – thank you! Making a second gift (of any amount!) will count toward the overall goal of this campaign while unlocking a wide variety of “match” donations made specifically for this campaign.
Can I use my employer’s matching gift program for my Give Like a Rebel Day contribution?
Yes! Many companies offer programs that will match contributions made to Roncalli High School. Your donation on Give Like a Rebel Day will meet most matching requirements and can double or triple your impact. Contact your human resources office or to find out if your employer has a matching gift program.
How Can I Help Spread The Word?
Your voice will make Give Like a Rebel Day a success. Post about the day on all of your social networks using #GiveLikeaRebel. Tell your friends, family and co-workers about Give Like a Rebel Day, and don’t forget to tell them to visit
What are the official social media pages for Give Like a Rebel day?
Twitter: @RoncalliHigh
What is the #hashtag to use on Twitter?
The official hashtag for this event is #GiveLikeaRebel. Please use this in all of your tweets so we can retweet, favorite and continue to create buzz about this unique giving opportunity.
What if I am not well connected on social media?
Many people are not avid social media users. You can still spread the word by email or even picking up the phone to call some of your friends, family or Roncalli classmates. You would be amazed of the power a personal message can bring!
What Type of Payment Will You Accept?
Pay by Visa, MasterCard or Discover online. If you would prefer to pay by cash or check, please call Roncalli’s Advancement Office at (317) 787-8277, extension 239.
Is My Payment Secure?
Yes. All payments will be processed using a secure online giving form. The information collected during Give Like a Rebel Day will be used only by Roncalli High School.
Is There a Minimum Donation Amount?
No, every gift of any amount counts toward our goal! Give Like a Rebel!!!
Can a Donor Send a Gift by Mail or Phone?
Yes, but because of the short time frame of Give Like a Rebel Day, only gifts that arrive to the Advancement Office, or are made by phone on May 26th or May 27th will count toward the challenge gift. You can always make a gift by phone at (317) 787-8277, extension 239.
I Still Have Questions. How Can I Get in Touch?
Feel free to email us at or call us at (317) 787-8277, extension 239.