To our Roncalli Parents and Students The Community Service Program is committed to continue to aid our students in any way possible to complete their service hours in a safe way, while also continuing to aid those in need.

Due Date

First Quarter:  Logged by September 26 and verified by September 29
First Semester:  Logged by December 5 and verified by December 8
Third Quarter:  Logged by February 27 and verified by March 2
Second Semester:  Logged by May 8 and verified by May 11


Service Requirements

As we continue to distance ourselves from the COVID Pandemic, Roncalli High School is returning to the service requirements that were altered during the COVID crisis. Following are the service expectations for each Roncalli student for the 2022/2023 school year.

To count for service hours, any volunteer work must be completed through one of the following three areas:

  • Any direct service opportunity at a not-for-profit agency (service done at the agency)
  • Any direct service opportunity at a school (service done at the school)
  • Any direct service opportunity at a church (service done at the church)

All students are to complete a minimum of 18 hours each semester. This will count as 10% of a student’s semester grade.

Of these 18 hours, all students must complete at least 8 of their hours from an organization that ministers to any of the following (HOPE hours):

  • Service to the Handicapped (eg: Special Olympics, DAMAR Center, etc.)
  • Other: any service to aid Veterans or Immigrants (eg: Chin Center, Hope For Tomorrow, etc.)
  • Service to those in Poverty (eg: St. Vincent dePaul, any food pantry, Anna’s House, etc)
  • Service to the Elderly (eg: any Nursing Home, Ministry for Maturing Adults, etc.)

All service hours completed in the summer (May 16 – first day of school) can count towards the first semester.

All service hours completed over Christmas break can count towards the second semester.

Any service hours that involve a summer mission trip can be applied to either the first or second semester. (Contact Mr. Striby for additional details on this opportunity).

Examples that have been approved the past two years that will NO LONGER count towards service hours:

  • Any manual labor at a neighbor’s house (eg: raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc.)
  • Any service at one’s own house
  • Any service for one’s family (includes parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc.)
  • Any collection of clothes or other items donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent dePaul, etc.

All questions may be directed towards Mr. Striby at: 317-787-8277 ext 256 or

Summer Hours/Christmas Break Hours

Students who already have the MobileServe app may retroactively count service hours if they have done any service projects this summer. They should enter these projects in the MobileServe app as they have done in the past. For summer hours only, students may use their parent’s emails for verification of hours. Theology Department now accepts all hours from summer to count toward first semester and Christmas Break to count toward second semester.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students

Incoming freshmen and transfer students are asked to keep track of their own service hours from the summer that meet the requirements stated above. Information should include the approximate date, the service provided, and the number of hours. At the start of the semester we will register new students for the Roncalli MobileServe program and help them to register these hours.

As Roncalli has had a decades long tradition of serving it’s community, we will continue to adapt and find ways to help our students engage in serving their communities. We appreciate your patience and flexibility in this process. Any questions can be directed to Roncalli’s Community Service Coordinator, Gerard Striby.