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Beginning Women's Chorus

Beginning Women's Chorus is a non-audition group consisting of young ladies in all grades at Roncalli. It provides a base for first year singers to learn the fundamentals of choral singing. It also gives girls who want to sing but don't have a lot of time to commit to a select ensemble the opportunity to sing. They also compete in the ISSMA Large Group Choral Festival.

Period 3

Beginning Women's Chorus

Row 1: Mariah Attai, Maggie Lakin, Emma Woolsey, Ava Schneider, Emily Kriech, Breanna Jaffe

Row 2: Libby Sorenson, Sarah Prusa, Trinity Gleitz, Anna Clodfelter, Madeline Zingraf, Abby Davey, Olivia Hornek, Madeline Young, Ali Dwyer

Row 3: Lizzy Schneider, Emily Sonderman, Emma McAllen, Gretchen Guerrettaz, Sarah Wulf, Sydney Clifford, Kate McNulty, Grace Woehler

Not Pictured: Rebecca McCabe

Period 4

Beginning Women's Chorus Period 4

Row 1: Sam Medina, Jessica Virk-Sanchez, Alleigh Wilham, Jeanne Sering, Araceli Macias, Citaly Martinez, Noelle Sulit

Row 2: Sophia Prusa, Grace Plahitko, Maria Mina, Emma Weintraut, Adrian Daves, Danielle Kessler, Kelli Mariutto, Skylar Darland, Sydney Geible

Row 3: Elizabeth Origer, Isabelle Challis, Sydney Silcox, Sophie Shelburn, Stella Agresta, Alana Young, Megan Turk, Raquel Ramsey, Chloe Coffman-Keister

Not Pictured: Evee Ochoa, Summer Viles

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  • Babysitting for Changing Lives Forever Class
    Time: 6:00 pm
  • Making Memories Daycare and Preschool
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  • Good House
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  • Little Rebels Daycare
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  • St. Barnabas Aftercare
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  • St. Jude Aftercare Program
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  • OLG Extended Care
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