Welcome to the Roncalli Fine Arts Home

Dear Roncalli Performing Arts Supporter,

It is my honor to welcome you to this performance. I am so grateful to our many supporters. Did you know that almost half of our school is involved in the Roncalli Performing Arts Department? That would not be possible without the help and support of our entire Roncalli Community! This includes:

1. Parents- Our Performing Arts Parents run our indoor and outdoor concession stands all year long. They volunteer to help with concerts, contests, parades and any other events that arise for our students. It is a financial sacrifice to send kids to Roncalli, and yet our parents find a way to pay for private lessons, fees and trips.

2. Administration- Our administration recognizes the value of theatre, choir and band in a student’s total education. They appreciate our kids and the staff. This is not always the case in other schools! 

3. Community- Our community shows support for our kids through financial contributions and attending games, concerts and shows. We have audience members whose children have long graduated, but yet they come to support us. We have people who donate instruments so that someone can play who might not be able to afford them otherwise. We have former parents who still volunteer with costumes and uniforms. These folks are all huge blessings for us.

The students, parents, administration, staff, and community are incredible. Thanks to all of you who make teaching music and theatre an incredible journey. To quote Red Skelton, an Indiana gem and one of my favorite comedians, “God Bless”.


Kathy Peach
Fine Arts Chair