Welcome to the Roncalli Visual Arts Department!

Roncalli's Art program includes: Introduction to 2 Dimensional Art and 3 Dimensional Art in which basic design assignments and a variety of media are used to create quality 2 or 3 dimensional art works; Drawing in which students are introduced to the world of visual art through a two dimensional picture plane using a variety of methods, techniques and tools including gesture, contour, perspective and basic rendering; Ceramics which introduces a student to the world of clay and techniques and utilizes techniques in hand building along with the study of glazes and stains; Fiber Arts and Crafts in students focus on many skills involved in fiber arts as well as the aesthetic properties of the works; Sculpture in which students study three dimensional art, with origins from various parts of the world; Visual Communication in which students are introduced to the world of graphic design and communication, primarily through a two dimensional picture plane and in which students create designs for advertising, implement and study typography, produce various illustrations and create computer generated designs. There is also an advanced placement course available which is designed for those with extensive visual art experience who are considering an art related profession and/or have a genuine affection for the visual arts.

Mark Stratton, Art Director

Mr. Mark Stratton

A lifelong Hoosier, Mark Stratton began his teaching career 27 years ago in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and has been inspiring Roncalli students for 16 years.  Mark earned both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Art Education degree at Indiana University / Herron School of Art.  

Mark believes "practicing what you teach."  By practicing what you teach, Mark feels that educators give merit to their teachings and keep up to date on changes in the "real world."  Mark has continued to exercise his artistic creativity by remaining active in interior design and floral design.  At Roncalli, Mark has designed and coordinated the incredible transformation of the Roncalli Family Room for the annual Celebration Roncalli fundraiser.