Annually, Roncalli High School, in conjunction with the Roncalli Alumni Association, present the Circle of Faith Distinction Awards. These awards were created to honor and recognize faculty, staff, alumni, volunteers and community members who serve with distinction, excel in their careers and devote themselves to their Catholic faith and Catholic education. Please take a moment to nominate a deserving recipient for one of the following awards:

  • Alumni of the Year
  • Honorary Alumni
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • St. John XXIII Award
  • Royal Award

These awards recognize the important role our community plays in educating, nurturing and forming today’s students — tomorrow’s leaders.

Although nominations are accepted throughout the year, the deadline for 2023 recognition is Friday, March 3, 2023.

For a complete explanation of the criteria for these awards. See this link.

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Contact Aaron Hommell by email or call (317) 787-8277 ext. 242 with questions.

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Meet the 2022 award winners:

Matt Taylor, R’04 was awarded the inaugural year of the ROYAL Award. Matt Taylor

The ROYAL award, which stands for the Roncalli Outstanding Young Alumni Legacy, honors game-changers and emerging professionals who have enhanced the reputation of Roncalli High School by making significant contributions to their community through professional work, public service and civic activities.

The first ROYAL Award recipient is a 2004 graduate of Roncalli High School.  From his days as a student at Roncalli, Matt has always loved athletics and broadcasting. As a child, Matt would interview his teammates with the perfect impersonation of Don Fischer.  After graduating from Roncalli, he attended Franklin College where he allowed his love of sports and broadcasting to launch his career. Now, Matt is known as the Voice of the Indianapolis Colts and Manager of Radio Production.  

Congratulations to Matt Taylor Roncalli’s first ever ROYAL Award recipient!

Terri Madden
Terri Madden was awarded this year’s Volunteer of the Year award.

Our first Volunteer of the Year is Terri Madden.  Every once in a while, a parent starts volunteering when their children are students at Roncalli, but does not stop after they leave.  Terri Madden is one of those cherished parents.  Her three children graduated from Roncalli,  Erin 2002, Lauren 2005 and Austin 2010.  Even with them gone, she is still serving our school and students!  Terri has been a critical component of assisting with costuming for the choirs and bands and decorating for concerts. We are forever grateful for her service to our Fine Arts Department.


Jenny Randol

Jenny Randol R’86 was awarded this year’s Volunteer of the Year award.

Our second Volunteer of the Year has been around Roncalli since the 1980s.  Jenny graduated from Roncalli in 1986 and has never really left.  As a proud Roncalli alum, Jenny sent her children to Roncalli. Taylor was a 2012 graduate and Luke graduated in 2014.  Throughout Jenny’s work volunteering, she has been a huge part of the success of our choirs and bands by helping with costuming and coordinating the concession stands to raise funds for the Fine Arts Program.  

Because Terri and Jenny have worked so well together over the years, it is hard to separate them as they are a powerful duo!  This year, we recognize two Volunteers of the Year who have made a significant impact on the students, families, faculty and staff of Roncalli. 


Mark Stratton

Mark Stratton was awarded this year’s Honorary Alumnus award.

The Honorary Alumnus Award recognizes an individual that lives out the spirit and mission of Roncali.  In the Roncalli family, we want people who believe in the red, white and blue.  Our Honorary Alumnus this year, Mark Stratton, can take those three colors, and turn them into beautiful pieces of art.  For over 36 years, Mark has been a teacher for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis at St. Barnabas Catholic School and Roncalli High School.  His creativity, work ethic, passion and energy are second to none.  He has used his enthusiasm and knowledge to inspire students, create awe-inspiring designs, and make Roncalli a better place!  Roncalli officially welcomes him into the Roncalli family as an Honorary Alum.


Andy Elsener

Andy Elsener, R’97 was awarded this year’s Alumnus of the Year award.

Our Alumnus of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has taken the lessons from the classrooms of Sacred Heart, Kennedy Memorial, Bishop Chartrand and Roncalli and lives them out in the world.  

This year’s alumnus of the year is a 1997 graduate of Roncalli High School.  Shortly after graduating from Saint Joseph’s College, Andy founded Spot Inc in 2009 to change the game in logistics.  He and his business partner truly built the company from the ground up and have created one of the fastest businesses in the US.  His success in disrupting the supply chain market has been done thanks to his strong support from his family.  Andy married his high school sweetheart, Chrissy, and they have five wonderful children.  We are proud of Andy’s success in the business world and grateful that the Elseners are Royals!


Frank Sergi

Frank Sergi was awarded this year’s St. John XXIII award.

The Saint John XXIII Award is considered to be the most prestigious award that is given to a person who best exemplifies the nine traits identified in the halls of our school as encompassing the life, legacy and spirit of Saint John XXIII. Those traits being: Welcoming, Simple, Kind, Peaceful, Humble, Humorous, Servant, Holy, and Inspired Change.

This year’s Saint John XXIII Award winner is Frank Sergi.  He has dedicated all of his adult life to education – public, private and parochial –  at both the high school and collegiate levels. Frank has volunteered in education well past his retirement and has been an integral part of the Catholic Youth Organization.  Even now, he throws caution to the wind and serves our school as a driver’s ed instructor!  Frank is the proud father of his three children: Mark 2001, Tim 2005, Monica 2006.  To a man that has a servant’s heart beating in his chest, congratulations to Frank Sergi Roncalli’s Saint John XXIII Award recipient.