Contact Information

Roncalli High School
3300 Prague Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

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Department Contacts

  Beth Reel, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 222

  David Lauck, Athletic Director
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 263

Roncalli Spirit Store/Uniforms
  Amy Kuntz, Spirit Store Manager
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 279

Campus Ministry
  Katie Hibner, Director of Campus Ministry
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 203

  Allie Ross, Director of Admissions 
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 243

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs
  John Hasty, Assistant Principal for Student Life
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 284

Financial Aid/Tuition
  Wendy Lawrie, Vice President for Finance
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 246

Fine Arts
  Miki Lewinski, Administrative Assistant, Fine Arts
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 249

  Mary Sheets, Registrar, Guidance Office
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 232

Royal For A Day/Shadow Visits
  Allie Ross, Director of Admissions
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 243

  Andi Baker, School Secretary
  (317) 787-8277 ext. 221

Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Phone Ext. Email
Ablog, AJ 241
Adams, Annabele
Albertson, Julie
Alexis, Samson
Anderson, Katie
Anderson, Phil 270
Antolin, Royce
Armbruster, Gary
Armbruster, Laura
Avery, Jennifer 227
Baker, Andi 221
Banich, Kevin 224
Barratt, Alison
Barry, Caroline
Beckwith, Lisa 201
Bohn, Erin
Burggrabe, Andrea
Buxton, Diana 281
Casper, Maggie
Carroll, Jennifer 229
Carson, Terese 240
Chastain, Lauren
Cossell, Maria
Crissman, Tim 223
Crosley, Pat
Davey, Fran 238
Eagan, Erin
Elbreg, Don 267
Endris, Jeen 209
Engel, Jessica 235
Evans, Raegan 231
Garcia, Jorge
Gattuso, Jessica 233
Getz, Regan 264
Gervasio, Dave 246
Gomez, Morgan 234
Grimes, Ben
Happe, Regan
Harris, Daniel
Hasty, John
Hatfield, Barb 215
Hayes, Tina 239
Hersman, Lacey
Hibner, Katie 203
Hibner, Louise
Hinesley, Kaitlin
Hommell, Aaron 242
Horan, Eileen 207
Houser, Scott
Humberd, Joel
Hurley, Kevin
Joseph, Denise
Kelshaw, Anne Therese
Kitchens, Cathy
Klaiber, Charles Kevin
Kratoska, Rob
Kuntz, Amy 278
Kuntz, Kelly 236
Lauck, David 264
Large, Gunnar
Lawrie, Wendy 279
LeMark, Caren
Lewinski, Miki 249
Litz, Frank
Louthain, Denise
Maly, Angela 237
Matis, Cathy 226
McGill, Cassie
McHugh, Angie 204
Meyer, Debbie
Milroy, Phil
Moran, Brittney
Newton, Joey 258
Normington, Lucas
North, Ben
Okerson, Stephanie
Owen, Kristel
Peach, Kathy 269
Poteet, Maria 273
Ratcliff, Brittany
Reel, Beth 222
Riedford, Jennifer
Roberts, Michelle 282
Rodenberg, John 265
Rose, Sarah
Rowland, Maria
Ross, Allie 243
Sahm, Mike 271
Samson, Alexis
Schembra, Kathy
Schlatter, Kaleb
Schrader, Molly
Sheets, Mary 232
Shelburn, Ray
Sills, Erin
Sims, Jason 262
Small, Jeff
Smith, Drew
Sommers, Julie
Stratton, Mark
Striby, Gerard 256
Striby, Kim
Strykowski, Chris
Taylor, Matt 272
Toner, Angie
Walters, Anthony
Wagner, Andrea 210
Wantz, Michael 206
Weisenbach, Chuck 230
Williams, Laura